Sunday, May 17, 2009

Class Update

Ohhhhhh!!!!! we're sooo excited. Although one of the teachers we thought would be attending will not be, we've confirmed 2 other teachers but we're going to tease you for awhile, as we're waiting for their class descriptions. We will tell you that one (we'll call her teacher "C") will be teaching 3 different classes while the other (teacher "N") will be teaching at least 2 different ones and you'll love them all! "C" owns her own company and is from the U.S. west coast. "N" is from Central Canada and has been scrapbooking/stamping/crafting for many years and is extremely talented and innovative. We've learned much from both of them and we're sure you will as well. More clues next week. We can't confirm when registration will open for the classes but we can tell you that the classes will be limited to 25 and that anyone who is registered for the crop will have a 2 week advance registration period before the classes are open to everyone. When registration opens, we will have descriptions of what techniques and company products will be featured but pictures won't be available until after the summer CHAS show as we/they want to feature the latest/newest product. Don't forget to check back here for details or sign up for our weekly newsletter at there is a sign-up form at the bottom of the home page.